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IWIN - Building Connections
The Insurance Women’s Investment Network (IWIN) was created in November 2013 to establish a forum for experienced women dedicated to the investment of insurance general account assets. Our mission is to foster relationships and encourage women to maximize their impact and contributions to the industry. To achieve this, we have worked to create a community of individuals who have the relevant knowledge, experience, and background to make this network impactful. Not only do we want IWIN to be a place to foster and expand our members’ networks, but we also want it to be a marketplace of ideas where industry-leading experts can share their knowledge and reflect upon the latest trends and developments affecting their firms and sectors. We have found that focusing on investments within the insurance industry has helped build a strong common bond and language among the network members.

In 2015, we launched the Women’s Insurance Investment Network (WIIN). WIIN is the European affiliate of the US-based Insurance Women’s Investment Network (IWIN), with the same overarching goals.

The network was founded by a collective team representing five firms – Allstate, The Carlyle Group, Prudential, Willis Towers Watson and Wellington Management Company.

The network is currently 500+ strong. To date, we have held events in Boston, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, London and Tokyo. We are looking to establish regional committees to lead future events in these locations and to bring IWIN to other parts of the globe.

To get involved, contact us! To stay informed on future events, join our LinkedIn group.

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